Record of my work experience with Exmoor National Park

Work experience 09-12-2014

Today we were fixing signposts

We loaded up the land rover and set out with the various signs to be replaced

The first sign was out in the middle of some moorland and had to be dug out, this sign had been put in with “postcrete” to hold it steady and was more difficult to dig out due to this


Once the sign was out, we found some stones to put the new sign in with to ensure it was stable

The new sign was hammered into place using the rubber sledge hammer so the top didn’t get damaged


The old sign with missing finger


We filled in round the new sign with earth and stones, packing them in using the blunt end of the iron bar


The next sign was a new sign to help people follow a footpath through some woodland

We check on the ticket to see where the sign was required and then started digging


Once the hole was deep enough, the sign was put in place and we filled in the hole with a mix of earth and stones and packed it down with the blunt end of the iron bar


The next sign was a new sign to indicate a three way path in woodland. Again we checked the positioning indicated on the works ticket and dug a hole in the correct place. The digging here was difficult as the pathway had been reinforced with lots of stone.


Here we can see the sign, the iron bar and the rubber sledge hammer


Once the hole was the required depth, we put the sign in place and filled in with a mix of earth and stones, packed down using the blunt end of the iron bar


The next sign was a replacement which required digging out and a new sign putting in place


There were two other signs that required replacement but when visiting site we found the posts for the signs were in good order and only replacement fingers would be needed, we decided to return to the yard and suggest this alternative option.

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