Record of my work experience with Exmoor National Park

Work experience 23-09-2014

Today we were out putting up and replacing signposts. This is simply a case of finding the old sign or the position for a new sign, digging a hole and then filling in around the base of the new signpost.

We had 7 signs to do in total and chose signs that were all in the same region of the moor.

The tools used are a rabbiting spade, iron bar and a rubber-headed sledge-hammer


Stones are often used to go in the hole around the base of the post to ensure it is firmly secured, then earth is packed down with the flat end of the iron bar to ensure the sign will not move


Some earth is easier to dig than others, and sometimes you have to try two or three different spots to find easy digging



One of the holes was particularly difficult to dig out as the landowner had created a number of roads which had hardcore underneath, so as we dug the hole we had to clear a lot of stones. These were useful when putting in the post for packing around the base of the post.



One of the holes, ready for the new post


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