Record of my work experience with Exmoor National Park

This week at college

The week started well with our Estates Skills lesson where we completed building our bird boxes

Bird box

This will be fitted with a webcam and linked up so we can watch any birds that choose to use it 🙂

We then moved on to looking at the Countryside Area which has a number of zones which need work, we then made a list of the various tools we would need in order to clean up the area and how those tools would be used. We also made a list of the health and safety considerations and what Personal Protective Equipment we might need.

Second half of Monday was plant and soil science where we covered Xylem and Phloem and how these supply food and water to the plant. This also explained why removing the bark from parts of trees can be used as a technique to slow down growth and help a tree to survive if it is growing too fast. We also covered how pinching out works, this is to do with the apical shoot which sends hormones to the rest of the plant to prevent the rest of the plant growing while the apical stem is growing upwards, in order to cause a plant to bush out lower down you can remove the top shoot (apical) and this stops the hormone being sent to the rest of the plant and therefore allowing the other shoots to grow outwards, hence why pinching out is used as a way to get plants to fill out.

Tuesday morning we covered ecology and were given our next assignment where we have to detail the changes in global ecology, select two species and look at conservation strategies that are being used to look after them and analyse how well these strategies are working.

Tuesday afternoon was duties and we were clearing a huge section of brambles from two Cedars, a Himalayan Cedar and a Blue Atlas Cedar (Cedrus Atlantica Glauca) so they can grow without being swamped by the brambles. This was hard work, but very rewarding when we had a huge pile of brambles and both trees were clear.

This morning we had our group tutorial where we looked at the investigative project we are undertaking and detailed what things we are going to research. I have decided to look at Muntjac population growth which ties in nicely with our other assignment in wildlife surveying.

We then had Countryside Tourism where we looked at the kinds of tourists there are and the motivators for them. We also looked at the positive and negative aspects of tourists and what things need to be considered when catering for them. This is all building up to another assignment for this module.

The afternoon was spent in the library researching for the research project we had been set earlier

All in all a good week and work experience tomorrow 🙂

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