Record of my work experience with Exmoor National Park

Interesting week

We started this week with Estate Skills and Machinery Operations, we looked at the various definitions of a boundary and also had an identification session on various mechanical parts (oil filter, oil pump, crank shaft, cam shaft etc) We have also been set our first proper assignment which I have already started in order to be ahead of the game (we’ll see how well that lasts)

In the afternoon we have Plant and Soil science which aims to look at the biology of plants and how this is affected by the soils they are in, this will be very useful for game crops and forest management later in my career.

Tuesday started with an excellent lesson on Wildlife populations and surveying, followed by Tree planting, Aftercare and Protection – this will prove to be very useful for carrying out Deer surveys and assessing their impact on the environment and forestry. Did you know that Oak trees usually live to be around 1000 years old, yes 1000 – that is not a typo. The oldest tree in England is reckoned to be 5000 years old, yes 5000 years.

Tuesday afternoon was duties in which we got to do a load of digging in the poly-tunnel and also got to use petrol brush-cutters for the first time, which were a bit tricky to get started/going but once they were running were very easy to use – point of note, a face-guard is a MUST!

Wednesday we had our group tutorial where we covered assignment writing, timetables and other generic college stuff – very useful indeed

Wednesday afternoon was very useful as we covered land use and Countryside tourism, which was very interesting indeed, especially finding out what land is used for in the UK and what factors can affect how land is used and the change of use for land. Did you know that 70% of land in this country is used for agricultural purposes, encouraging thought 🙂

Finally on Wednesday we covered our Work Experience requirement and how we are all doing with that – as I write I am about to visit the Exmoor National Parks yard to try and get my work experience placement – so fingers crossed!

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