Record of my work experience with Exmoor National Park

Things falling into place

So the induction week at college went well with my first “demo” assignment handed in a day early. We have done some plant identification already and are starting to learn Genus and Species for each plant and the importance of specific identification using and international system.

I was amazed to find out the biology community believe we have only discovered around 30% of all plant species on the planet!

We finished the week off with a visit to Dunster castle and gardens and had an excellent talk from the head gardener there who explained about the way they are planting historically to make the gardens look how they would have looked at various points in history, this is aided by Julian Lutteral still being alive and able to remember certain details from when he was a boy living at the castle.

I now have a job working at The Crown Hotel in the bar there and that seems to be going well if a little nerve racking.

I am also going to see the Exmoor National Parks yard on Thursday this coming week to discuss the possibility of doing my one day a week work experience with them, this sounds very positive and it may hopefully provide me with some excellent, relevant experience and a host of knowledge and potential contacts as well as looking fantastic on a CV, so fingers crossed.

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  1. Suz Suz
    8th September 2013    

    So pleased it hasn’t been too bad for you. The pub thing does get a lot easier the more you do it. Glad the week was positive.

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